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Possibilities ... there's no end to them with rubber stamps from midsummernightstamps.com.

We've put together some examples of stamp art, and tutorials on techniques we use here at the stamp gardens... If you've used our designs for something WONDERFUL, we would love to show it here! Get in touch, and we'll let you know how to submit your art for these pages!

A number of our designs will be available (as low resolution images) for you to experiment with...

Make an eMail postcard! Send birthday greetings! But when you need the real thing, come back and get it here!

Note that under copyright law, however, that this doesn't mean that you can reproduce these as stamps, or use them in such a way that others can copy them. Tell your friends to come to midsummernightstamps.com!

This is an early experiment with my Geometric set (and one of Tom's fish, of course), using some of our ColorSnap pigment colors. The trick to aligning these geometrics is not to worry about perfection, but still to pay attention!

I started this small piece (it's actual size at 90 dpi) by using the solid swirly triangle to create a base grid. You can see how the bottom corners are touching, which creates an inverted white-space triangle for

the other colors to come in. Then I stamped in the alternate swirlies (with the six point and hexagon counter-spaces).

When I'm doing any kind of 'critical' alignment, I swing my lightsource (Luxo, of course ;-) way down to the level of the table, and orient the two corners away from the light first, tilting the stamp enough to get a visual fix. Then I flatten the stamp and aim the last point at where it seems to need to be, and go for it! -- PF

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Illustrations ©1998-2002 Tom Metcalf. Geometrics ©2000-02 Peter Fraterdeus All rights reserved.

One Inch @ 90 DPI